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A heritage of service

Fried Frank lawyers have a proud history of providing representation to individuals and organizations in need. Our tradition of pro bono and public service work builds upon the record established by Walter Fried, Hans Frank, Sam Harris, Sargent Shriver, and Leslie Jacobson. Their notable efforts include work on behalf of the civil rights movement, and with major institutions like the Peace Corps (which former partner William Josephson had a significant role in creating, along with Shriver), and the Shriver Center on Poverty Law.

We remain deeply committed to representing people of limited means and to working on behalf of non-profit organizations and in the public interest. Our advocacy efforts range from reproductive and LGBTQ+ rights to criminal defense appeals, immigration, tax assistance and general business counsel. Our work is widely recognized and has led to precedent-setting decisions.


Everyone on our team—partners, associates, business services professionals—strives for excellence in pro bono advocacy. Notably, Fried Frank lawyers served as counsel to amici parties in the Hernandez v. Robles marriage equality cases and we continue to represent US asylum seekers who are persecuted in their home countries because of sexual orientation or HIV status.